Calendar TEST

(Multi-Date) Therapy Schedule

The therapy can have multiple dates, which are not recurring. These dates are defined by placing them as separate objects in a dates array.
Each event/date can have its own name, description, and location. If not given, a global one w is used by the code.
Individual date and time information are required - global ones will be ignored.

  "name":"Therapy dates",
      "name":"Event #1/2",
      "description":"This is the first part to check the calendar button
"startDate":"today+3", "startTime":"10:15", "endTime":"23:30" }
{ "name":"Event #2/2 to star the add to calendar button", "description":"This is the second part to check the calendar button:
"startDate":"today+5", "startTime":"13:15", "endTime":"15:05" }
{ "location":"World Wide Web", "options":[ "Apple", "Google", "iCal", "", "Yahoo" ], "timeZone":"Europe/London", "iCalFileName":"Multi-Date-Event" }